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Located conveniently between Cary and Apex, for 18 years, we have been repairing and selling computers to both the public and to small businesses.

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Virus removal, Adware removal, Registry cleanup $65/hr

If, despite all the security measures you take, your computer gets infected by a virus or trojan horse, it is necessary to disinfect your system somehow. While for some viruses the only 100% reliable method of disinfection is restoring your system from backups, for many common infections this is not really necessary and the virus/trojan horse can be removed quite easily.

Removing the infection
The trojan horses often schedule themselves to be run automatically when you start your operating system; some of them even register themselves to be run when any other application is started. Removing such a trojan horse is not as simple as deleting it - when you just delete the trojan horse file, your operating system might not be able to start your applications (such as Explorer) any more.

So, in order to properly remove the trojan horse from your computer, it is often necessary to make additional fixes in your system registry, delete the links from your Startup Folder etc. We will find and remove selected trojan horses from your computer, as well as fix the registry and startup items to make sure your system will work correctly after the disinfection.

Many trojan horses - when activated - create additional working files on your hard disk. Even though these files alone are harmless, they are useless and they should not be there.


see this blog entry to determine if a reload is infact nedded

Computer Reloads $85 (flat rate)

Something to consider instead of getting another computer, simply formatting the one that is too slow for you right now. Unless one is doing massive downloads coupled with video editing and playing the newest games, then there is no need for a machine with 4 Ghz processors and 2 GBs ram. Especially since Windows Vista would just eat it all back up anyway making one think that they need an even faster computer. A new machine is just overkill in most situations and a reformat would make any machine faster and like new again.