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Located conveniently between Cary and Apex, for 18 years, we have been repairing and selling computers to both the public and to small businesses.

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1. BACKUP everything that is important to you.

It is certain that sooner or later your hard drive will fail as a result of: mechanical failure, virus, power surge, spillage, fire, theft, registry errors, etc.  You will probably lose all your non-backed up data – documents, pictures, music, E-mail, etc.  Inexpensive solutions include: thumb/flash drives, external hard drives, CD’s, DVD’s, other computers, Internet storage sites.  Ask us if you would like detailed instructions.  If you have a question or would like a free consultation please call.  The only time your external hard drive or thumb drive should be plugged into your computer and on is when you are copying “to” or “from.” (Note: CD’s and DVD’s WILL go bad with time.)  The only time your external drive should be plugged into your computer is when you are copying "to" or "from."

2. Every time before you go on the Internet (checking mail or surfing) you must check for anti-virus updates.

Most anti-virus programs check for updates every day but a virus may hit the Internet at any time.  Anti-virus program companies mostly do not update “real time” or the millions of computers using their service would crash their servers.  Get into the habit of checking for updates each time before you go to the Internet and you will not even think about it: just like putting on your seatbelt in your car.  This way you KNOW that you have the latest anti-virus patterns.  You KNOW it is updated.

            You can periodically run the Scan but this is really not necessary if you check for updates each and EVERY time you go to the internet.  The problem with a scan is that is slows computers down to a crawl and takes a long time.  If you are interested in being on our advisory email list please send an email to or call 919-303-5626, asking to be added to our list.   (We will not share this list with anyone or send any spam to you.  We are offended by spam)

3. Don't load programs on your computer unless:

1.      You intend to use them.

2.      You know what they are and they are “safe.” 

3.      Don’t ever download a program offered to you by your computer.  Only download those programs you are familiar with and trust.  For example if a Quicktime update offer pops up then close the offer and proceed to the website to download the update.  If you don't know what it is then call 919-303-5626 or research it by "googling" it.

4.      When installing programs please remember to do a custom installation (or call and ask us.)  Uncheck all items/programs you do not need.

Many people will purchase a device like a printer, insert the CD that comes with it and load all of the programs.  They load programs that they will never use.  This takes up hard disk space, makes registry changes, and will likely slow down your computer.  Try the “Custom Installation” and you will find that you can exclude many unnecessary or offensive components. For example the HP printer software installs many items you will never need: OCR (optical character recognition), customer satisfaction program, photo essentials, offers to buy cartridges from HP when it is less expensive to buy them from a  local “super store,” etc.

(We also sell used computers with lifetime warranties.  Don’t buy a new computer until you have talked to us.  Repairs and Reloads almost always get you a faster computer.  We HATE Vista and don’t like Windows 8, and there ARE better alternatives (XP Professional/Windows 7 Professional (32 and 64 bit).