Advantage Computer Repair, Cary

Located conveniently between Cary and Apex, for 18 years, we have been repairing and selling computers to both the public and to small businesses.

Laptop or Desktop, we can fix it!!

1424 Holt Rd Cary, NC 27519



Why toss out a machine that someone else could  use? With machines getting outdated so quickly these days it is far to easy to suspect that nobody would want an older machine. WRONG! Refurbished machines are still very useful and when reloaded  are fast.   Before throwing out your outdated machine donate it to us so we can fix it up and give it to a school or family that needs it.

Pollution due to technology is becoming an ever-increasing problem. It is very easy to just toss old laptops, monitors, CPU's, TV's, (etc…) in the landfill and not even think twice about it. In fact the heavy plastics and heavy metals and alloys present in nearly all micro-technology is very harmful to the environment. While copper, iron, steel, even mercury is leaking into the ground water supply from excess amounts of computer equipment in the landfills, heavy plastics from electronics are being burned up in foundries polluting the atmosphere.  In fact, as of July 1, 2011, it is illegal to dispose of electronics in the landfill.

The simple solution is to scrap every part imaginable.  Metal, plastic and even the mercury be recycled and put to good use again.

We are one of Cary's most popular drop-off zones for recycling since we take pretty much anything!!

· Laptops (working or nonworking)
· Computers (working or nonworking)
· Monitors (LCD, CRT)
· TVs
· Scrap metal or just about anything electronic
· Printers
· Batteries
· Servers (working or nonworking)

Just call us at (919) 303-5626 and we can be ready to receive it.